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About the Center 

Greetings from the director

 The mission of the Earthquake Volcano Research Center (EVRC) of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Nagoya University, is to conduct research and education on elucidating the mechanisms of crustal activity and on the prediction of earthquakes and volcanic activities, to mitigate induced disasters. To achieve this mission, EVRC is promoting geophysical researches in collaboration with researchers both in Japan and overseas through various research projects such as the "Earthquake and Volcano Hazards Observation and Research Program” based on the proposal of the Council for Science and Technology.

EVRC started as an earthquake observatory, and have contributed to the observation of earthquakes, crustal deformation, and volcanic activities in the Chubu distinct, central Japan. Therefore, researches in EVRC are mainly based on field measurement and observation, while EVRC also conducts multifaceted researches based on theories, simulations, historical materials, etc. Specifically, its current research mainly consists of the following three research themes. One is the research on elucidation of the physical process of earthquake occurrence in subduction zones and its monitoring and evaluation, in mind of the huge earthquake occurrence in the Nankai Trough. Another one is the research on inland earthquakes based on a viewpoint of the interaction between the plate motion and crustal activity. The final one is the volcanic research aiming at elucidation of the process of volcanic phenomena such as magma and hydrothermal system and the activity evaluation, at Ontake volcano and other volcanoes.

From the fiscal year 2017, EVRC newly added the endowed laboratory of research on Ontake volcano disaster prevention and opened the Ontake volcano research facility in Kiso Town, Nagano Prefecture. EVRC will promote observational research on Ontake volcano using this facility. EVRC also promotes education and research on grasping and evaluating of its volcanic activity and on promoting efforts to improve the capability for disaster prevention in cooperation with residents and local administration.

EVRC is actively working on graduate school education as a member of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies. Students will have deep knowledge of solid earth sciences by tackling the mysteries of earthquakes and volcanoes and will also have a broad perspective on relevant fields. EVRC will cultivate both future researchers of these fields and human resources capable of contributing to a safe and secure society.

We appreciate your continuing support and cooperation for the activities of EVRC.

Toshiki Watanabe

Earthquake and Volcano Research Center