Scenario for a puppet play on earthquake-resistant houses was written for playing in earthquake-prone countiries. The main players of the play is a little big and a wolf, which based on the well-know tale of ' the three little pigs'. In that story three pigs build their houses with straw, woodn-stiks and bricks. Only a house with bricks survived from the threat of a wolf. But for earthquake-prone countries houses of bricks can be fatal.

In this new story a wolf and a pig is a good friend for each other and they try to build their own houses. The pig is careful enough to ask for advises to owl, which is a symbol of wisedom, and to mole, who know the ground very much. They taught him to build his house on hard ground with braces. The wolf is easy-going, on the contray, and built a house on a soft ground without any brace.

One night a large earthquake hit their houses......

The scenario can be played anywhere without permission, though the copywirte belongs to Maki Koda.

The main players or structure of houses can be changes based on the culture etc. in specific region or countries.

The scenario in Japanese is available here.

The scenario in English is here.

You can see the Quick Time movie of the Play here.

You can see the Windows Media movie of the Play here.

PPT presentation in pdf version is here.

PPT presentation file is here for down-load.

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