Research interests


My research interest sticks understanding and monitoring of subsurface structure and state, in other words, how we can see inside the Earth, what can be observed in what way and what can be derived from what we saw.

The basic problem establishment is how we can approach underground as heterogeneous composite material by use of wave phenomena (mainly seismic wave) with finite frequency band. Under the condition, my research focuses how we can recognize targets in underground by modeling, measurement, data analysis, signal extraction and interpretation.


Accurately-Controlled, Routinely-Operated Signal System (ACROSS) and active monitoring in the Earth

ACROSS sends weak seismic signals that repeats exactly for a long time to monitor variation of subsurface states using time-lapse measurement (joint research with Prof. Yamaoka, Shizuoka Univ., JMA, etc.)

Subsurface imaging using seismic waves

Obtain subsurface structure images and properties using natural earthquakes (aftershocks, swarms, teleseisms) and artifitial earthquakes (using active sources)

Sensing subsurface (structure and physical properties, except heterogeneity, discontinuity and fluid) using wave phenomena.

Researches be wished to continue (but not always easy)

Students' Thesis


Toshiki Watanabe, EVRC, Nagoya University.
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