GPS Network in Canary Islands and Fogo, Cape Verde


The GPS network in the Canary Islands, Spain, is being operated under a collaboration of ITER, GrafCan, and Nagoya University.

Here are recent data and plots.

El Hierro                       La Palma          

    VALV            pdf             CVCB            pdf

    FRON            pdf             ARID            pdf

    REST            pdf             HOTE            pdf

    SABI            pdf             MAZO            pdf

    PINA            pdf

    JULA            pdf         La Gomera

    FARO            pdf             ALAJ            pdf



    ITER            pdf             FASN            pdf

    IZAN            pdf             NORD            pdf          

    TEIT            pdf             PORT            pdf

    ICOD            pdf             GRAF            pdf

    BOCA            pdf             SNMG            pdf

    PARA            pdf             STEI            pdf

Gran Canaria

    ALDE            pdf             AGUI            pdf

    ARGU            pdf             TERR            pdf

    MAS1            pdf


    OLIV            pdf             ANTI            pdf

    TARA            pdf             MORJ            pdf


    HRIA            pdf             TIAS            pdf

    YAIZ            pdf

GPS network in Fogo

Fogo (SAOF, MOSF, COVF, CHAF)   pdf

CHAF site was removed in November 2014 because of the lava flow from the eruption of Fogo in November 2014.

Rountine data analysis is automatically conducted in two ways.

1. Rapid solution (red circles)

  1. 箇条書き項目Latency: 2 days (updated at 6:00 p.m. GMT)

  2. 箇条書き項目Satellite orbit: IGS rapid

2. Final solution (blue squares)

  1. 箇条書き項目Latency: 2 weeks (updated 6:00 a.m. GMT on Friday)

  2. 箇条書き項目Satellite orbit: IGS final

We use Bernese GPS software version 5.2 with IGS rapid orbit and earth rotation parameters. Several IGS sites are included in the analysis so as to refer to the ITRF2008 coordinate system. The time series data above are referring to LPAL site in La Palma.